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The records are often described as being synonymous with the books of life and death, the root of kabbalistic mysticism, and the home of all akasha: a sanskrit word meaning ether, where all information from within the universe is recorded. The akashic records are read by combining controlled meditation practices and visualization techniques to initiate a state of trance. We are in the energy of the akashic records together, and the energy moves on the spoken words. The higher perspective of an akashic records reading can help us deal with the difficulties of chronic or unexpected illness. In other words all of the records and knowledge of everything, is stored and continually updated and able to be accessed from within everything. In addition, souls that reside on higher planes can also add to the records in certain ways. Well meaning, but i don't believe this connects people with a "divine" or "universal" level of consciousness or "akashic records," as claimed. Your reading will be scheduled upon payment, and you'll be contacted via your paypal email address for further details. While the soul-level clearing work in your akashic records is done prior to the session, you have the opportunity to actively participate by grounding the energy of the clearing into your physical reality through a 21-day transmutation of energy clearing request. When i first heard the word "akashic," i felt like someone had. In my experience, this goes deeper that a psychic reading, and answers different sets of questions. Most often, when giving a reading which discussed a person's soul history and his or her individual sojourn through space and time, cayce would begin with a statement such as, "yes, we have before us the records of the entity  know known or called ____________. If the akashic records were revealing hitherto unremembered ancient technology, then the logical inference was that lost technology could be recovered by psychic probing of the akashic records. The akashic records offer just that—a guide to understanding your life and its lessons. First, there is no physical place that holds these records. Day one:  we will be learning about the nature of the soul, the soul’s purpose, what the akashic records are, and why accessing them can maximize your life experience as well as your soul’s evolutionary ascension journey.      the akashic records are like the dna of the universe. The instinctive center, and the akashic records in general, store memories in whatever way they were experienced and understood, irrespective of any “ultimate truth. I have done akashic record readings for others, yet sometimes find it difficult to read my own records, and need a jump start. In early monastic traditions, lectio divina was the reverential reading aloud.   if you’d like a reading from me, you can contact me at this link for an akashic records reading, or use the contact form on this website. When working in the records with colleen the two of you interact with the energy of the your records -- you safely enter a sacred space where you become aware of the energetic patterns of your thoughts, words and actions; your interactions with the all of creation. Benefits of accessing your akashic records. Then they will want to check in, possibly have energy work or an additional clearing session, or grab a tarot reading to further clarify new ventures. Akashic records reading with kathy georgen. It should be noted that anyone can use the akashic records reading free. The akashic records, or "the book of life," can be equated to the universe's super-computer system. Future events to a set of records supposedly covering only the past. An akashic records reading assists you receive clarity, discover your soul’s purpose, skills, abilities, and insight about your life. By lifting you to a divine level of consciousness, this sacred prayer opens the doors of the records, where your “soul blueprint”-everything you need to know about your soul’s destiny-awaits you. How an akashic record reading can help you. In addition to the akashic blogs dedicated to my novel to defy a king and my work on eleanor of aquitaine, further examples of akashic sessions from my living the history blog are listed below. - the responsibility (towards life and your own self), which come with the connection to the records. What does an akashic record reading look like. Ample experiential time will be given for participants to open and read their fellow participant's records. For each reading you may also provide questions, which will set its subject and intent. Order your personal akashic record: usd 1,000. The akashic records or "the book of life" can be equated to the universe's supercomputer system. The akashic realm is a very subtle dimension on the inner planes where every thought, feeling and action is recorded. A complete guide to exactly what the akashic records are and the many ways they can assist you. Soul reading is a direct communication with your soul or the soul world. The akashic records are a soul-level dimension of consciousness that contain a vibrational archive of every soul and its journey. The akashic records act as a database whereby every thought, word or action is stored as an energetic event. I then use clairvoyance to read your records, and then i tell you what they say. | how to read the akashic records. In my very first akashic record consultation i asked if i was meant to go to bali to study the akashic records. Germain series of ‘i am’ books about the difference between the etheric records and akashic records and that if someone does access the akashic records the information is coming from an ascended being. He could not even explain his own mediumship techniques effectively because he conducted readings while in a deep trance state. And masters decided to move the akashic records away from earth, making them. You are allowed to look up the akashic record of anyone close to you, such as your family members, significant other and close friends. To get the most out of your reading please take notes (yes the reading is recorded but i can’t guarantee any technology 🙂 ) and have a quiet, private location during the call. Of all the types of psychic readings, an. Their work with the akashic records:. The messages that are written in your souls personal records reveal much of what we need to alleviate our current state of suffering. Before our session together, i work in your akashic records to locate and receive all the pertinent information in order to help you to gain that higher perspective on who you truly are and how you can live your life aligned with your divine nature.  similarly to an angel reading, we are connecting energetically and therefore a physical presence is not necessary. The akashic records (akasha is a sanskrit word meaning sky, space or aether) is a term used in theosophy (and anthroposophy) to describe a compendium of mystical knowledge encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. I have trained in and am a practitioner and teacher of: reiki, yoga, all love, and the akashic records. My goals of working in the akashic records is to assist people in learning from the past, dreaming for the future but living for today. Why is learning akashic records important for witchcraft and occultists. He was able to see the past lives of an individual in the akashic records and interpret how a current condition experienced by a person is rooted in actions and thought patterns of the past. In this instance, reading becomes necessary. The past and future of each person is recorded on the divine blueprint. The akashic records are hardly a matter that do not warrant investigation. It is through the akashic records that i obtain information about an individual during an akashic records reading. Some mediums view the process as a very specific spiritual merging of heart chakra-based information between a reader and a subject, while others consider the akashic records as simply a repository of impressions available for access through any effective form of reading, remote viewing, astral projection, meditation or clairvoyance. He too believed in the existence of the akashic records. The beauty of an akashic records reading is that it allows for a conversation with your self with the aim of resolving a problem. Once you have spent significant time in your akashic records, you will have the ability and confidence to assist others in viewing their records. Holly hawkins marwood is an advanced akashic records instructor and reader who is passionate about sharing the gifts and benefits of the akashic records with the world. Learn what the akashic records are. Akashic records reading with maureen. Being capable of knowing the intimate information in your own akashic record is priceless. Thank you so much for doing this reading with me. The tarot world has been gifted with a formal connection to accessing the akashic records, and working with the lords of karma. Hypnosis can help you explore the akashic records. On the astral plane are recorded all things, events and happenings since the beginning of the present world-cycle. Readings are given in-person or on the phone, and if you’re not in the u.

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"the immortal truth" is the first book that includes all of the revelations of the records in one work -- across party lines, one might say. Diantha has trained for three years with linda howe, the lead teacher in the usa for akashic records reading. Library is known as the "soul records" and is not accessible by you or. The records contain all past, present, and future possibilities; and are an experiential body of knowledge and compassion. In that telling, you will be asked questions to clarify and then your questions will be asked in the records. The individual akashic records of each being are recorded in our dna. On the other hand, michael reading chart information, which is based on an akashic records reading, is usually clear because it consists of specific choices made by a person’s essence. Specifically, unlocking the secrets to your akashic records reveals the following:. Akashic is sanskrit for ‘’primary substance’’. It has provided so much insight and understanding in my life that i haven't experienced before in any other reading. This page explains some aspects of this earth space and the ‘spiritual’ cycles we go through and how the akashic records have gone from presenting accurate histories of ourselves to becoming quite corrupted. From this point onward, edgar cayce states in the physical plane (or in our reality) that he now has the records of the person and begins an enlightened psychic reading using the information that he is able to glean from the akashic records.  a comprehensive set of pages this time giving details about the akashic records also known by some as the secret hall of records, the mind of god and the social memory complex to name just some variations. And because the records are also a dimension of consciousness, they are available anytime and everywhere", linda howe. They offer many types of healing, intuitive readings, and classes that i'd love to check out.   it's been a few days since the reading, and i am still processing through all the guidance i received. There are various levels and kinds of akashic records created in order to be able to categorize and file such records. The moment i saw your youtube video with leija, i said to myself ‘that’s whom i would like to have read/know my akashic records. Because i liked opening my own akashic records so much, i was attracted to studying further. Find out what people think of their readings by going to the reviews page of this site. Akashic records readings are 45 minutes long and can be done in person, over the phone or via skype. Opening our records on different time lines in the past and future. How do we access the records. Chapter two: guidelines and ground rules for reading the akashic records how should i prepare to read the akashic records.  providing truth, information and support is the role of the akashic records. I have heard from others and read on blog sites that questions about the future are also prohibited, but this has not stopped me from asking my mtlos what i can expect from time to time.  if needed, i can assist you to prepare the questions you may consider to ask when we access your akashic records. My intention in giving akashic records readings are to help people move towards joy via personal empowerment. In my akashic records reading with marijo puleo, i found myself held in a space with real love and insight straight into my heart. Guardians of the akashic records. Generally an akashic record reading last about an hour.  then i received an akashic reading which led to one on one student sessions. Vibrations that make up akashic records are the energy of love and that is why knowledge comprised by akashic records are imprinted upon an absolutely subtle substance known as akasha, which is understood as energy of love that creates and permeates all the things present in our universe.   you are protecting the direct communication between you and the ascended master(s) who is(are) reading your akashic record answers for you. There are a lot of ways that they do this, but you'll need to be the real side of you when you consult an akashic record consultant. Writing as well as i'd like to; however, when i read kevin. He was known as "the sleeping prophet" because his method of accessing the records was to put himself into a sleep state that allowed him to shift his consciousness and access the akasha. Based on an individual’s responses in the past, the akashic seer/reader can investigate probable future responses and give the highest future probability. I then discovered the akashic records and booked a reading for myself. It is best to give yourself about an hour after your reading to rest, integrate, to spend time in nature; whatever helps you simply be with the information shared by your record keepers. According to bauval's research, egyptian antiquities granted an american team a license to search for the hall of records under the sphinx. Due to this close work with the records, archangel metatron can also help you to gain access to the records of your soul, and to that which will serve you on your journey now.

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Another good way to learn to give akashic record readings is to have a hypnotherapist hypnotize.  what matters most about the method you choose is that it aligns with who you are as a person and that it allows you to comfortably experience the most effective readings possible. You will find that there is never anything true about drugs with akashic records. You do not need any previous akashic records experience to get started. As you can imagine, being able to access the akashic record allows you to provide some really interesting information about a soul’s past, present and future. Can i have a recording of my session. She also does psychic training including teaching others “how to read the akashic records”. What can you expect from an akashic records reading. The akashic record is a vibrational record of every soul and its journey. You can start giving akashic record readings as soon as you are certified. I love that quote because to me, akashic consultations are wonderful tools that can help bring clarity and validation to all areas of life. If your reason for having an akashic records reason is for something else, you can simply frame your problem by talking about it first and then asking the. ] i do email you within 24 hours to request certain information from you to access your akashic record (such…. All events, words, thoughts and feelings that have ever occurred in the history and even future of your life, as a soul, will be recorded in the akashic records. There is an esoteric term akashic records that seems to be closely related to what we know as memory. In addition to opening your akashic records, she can channel et’s and relay communications from spirits. A reading can warn us about tendencies, patterns,. What if you could have an encyclopedia for the universe, in which the answer to every possible question lay open for you to read, from the tiniest query, like where to find a lost household item, to the greatest mysteries of the cosmos. The first step to being a confident akashic records practitioner is to develop a deep connection with your own records, a working relationship with your guides and trust in your ability to understand the wisdom found in the records. Please note that i can effectively shift the energy at the 5th dimensional level in your akashic record to clear it of negative influences. What is an akashic records healing. How to read the akashic records, i decided, after a lot of stops and starts and much struggle and panic and tears, that it was just time to let go of all of this. In other words, the above sayings are all evidence that we are in someone’s ‘simulation project and that the akashic records are the data records that the simulation saves and stores on each person it is defining within the simulation. An akashic reading shows potentials, clarifies what you already may know, and it answers questions you have. A band of what is described as angels guards theuniversal records. In a life reading, nancy will help you get a better handle on where you are at this juncture in your life. The records are like that. You need to read out the pathway prayer loudly to access the records. Akashic records readings – what are the akashic records. Here are some meditational steps to accessing and interpreting your records should you be so bold as to try:. The first book i've read on this specific topic; i followed the precise directions recommended by the author and her method did work for me. Every person is entitled to access their own akashic records. The akashic records, also called the akasha, is another name for the book of life, an immaterial, universal log where records are being kept of everything that has been done, said or thought from the beginning of time till the present moment. Learn to access the akashic records to have clear and accurate soul information for yourself and others. Anyway, if you’ve been thinking about getting an akashic record reading, and wondering if it’s legit, the answer is yes. You will be responsible for recording your own session. This feeling is stronger when i'm in the records but pervades my everyday life. Often (but not always) clients can feel the akashic energy during the reading. Akashic readings – soul record reading. The reader gives this information through the inherent love that permeates the records and with as little interpretation as possible so that the message remains true.   because the information in the akashic records is held in the energy of love, the answers you receive to questions during an akashic reading offer helpfulness and hopefulness as well as profound empowerment through knowing the truth of your situation and the possibilities unfolding in your life.

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So in essence, the akashic records are both the perfect soul-level blueprint and the catalogue of experiences of an individual soul as it grows into awareness of itself as a spiritual being, divine in nature and manifesting in the physical earth-arena. As per akashic techniques, each and every individual soul includes has its own, absolutely unique akashic record and with the help of that, aksashic reading experts of puja yagya provide accurate reading about your past, present and future. So go back to what the akashic records are proposed to be, "records of the past and future of human thought and action". It’s an aid during my analysis of my readings, not necessarily during the actual reading. Have cleared many fears and emotional blocks and will continue to use the records to do so. The records are collectively understood to be a collection of mystical knowledge that is encoded in the aether. The records are accessed using a specific invocation (called the portal prayer process), that helps align us to the records of our self or another who has given us permission to read them. It is known in the world of spirits that every person who ever lived and died, has made his fair share of contribution to the amount of information confined within the drawers of the akashic records. Best of all, the akashic tarot is easy and fun to use. These decisions are explored and explained in the akashic records. For those into astral projection you can probably access the records in that ‘state’ again if you hold to that intention. Can we access our own akashic record. The akashic records are the vibrational records of each individual soul and its journey. We can ask to go to the akashic records in our sleep. I have been reading a book called "how to read the akashic records: accessing the archive of the soul and its journey" by linda howe. When you are placing your order for your akashic records reading, please send me the information that i need for your reading in the section "special instructions" on the paypal order form. Linda howe's process for reading the akashic records is empowering, inspiring and evolutionary. Skype sessions and audio recordings are roughly around 60 minutes, and the information in written readings equates to this as well. Ready to get started with an akashic records reading. Working in the akashic records requires an understanding of reincarnation. Often the records will use past life memories or symbolic images as a medium to enlighten you on negative and positive life patterns, areas where healing is needed, and personal imbalances. The akashic records are a field of information and energy that reaches back to the infinite past and forward to the limitless future. These records contain every thought and experience a soul has had since it came into existence. Gain a better understanding and awareness of your path through akashic records reading. Of akasha & akashic records: making sense of the mysterious. Her readings touch the heart, clarify the soul’s purpose, and often, when directed by your record keepers, serve as the conduit for helpful, healing energies from the record keepers, ascended masters and archangels themselves. The edgar cayce readings suggest that each of us writes the story of our lives through our thoughts, our deeds, and our interactions with the rest of creation. ” so then, we could say it’s a sky library that stores souls’ records. Com » testimonials » what happens in a reading with me - [. As i took my time to read the reading, i was able to understand in detail that i have had many lifetimes as a soul and that i am here to further evolve. I’ll explain about this during the reading. You can get in touch with me to schedule your reading by clicking here. Knowing ourselves through the records strips away that illusion, fully without judgment, and helps us find peace. Though repeatedly denied by mainstream egyptologists, the mythology of the hall of records is a popular one among those who hold alternative theories of ancient egypt while conducting scientific inquiry in the mysteries of that time. Akashic records - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia in theosophy and anthroposophy, the akashic records (from akasha, the sanskrit word for 'sky'. Lets take a look at how to access the akashic records in the first place. Links to previous akashic moments on my blog. Before participating in a reading, please double check your current legal name according to your tax documents. Based on a question you bring to the session, she accesses your individual akashic record to communicate with your higher self and retrieve information.

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No ‘real’ reality would be able do this, only a reality that defines and handles ‘reality’ as data could offer it’s software defined residents the opportunity to access their own records. Furthermore, although we can access our very own akashic records, we cannot access another’s without their expressed permission. The akashic records are the individual records of a soul from the time. First let me start off by making sure we are all aware of what the akashic records are. I know that my own experiences in the future will add to my readings and bring a richer dimension to this very important work. How to read the akashic records. By learning how to rewrite your own akashic records, you can change difficult circumstances and create the conditions that will lead to a happy future. Hack//link, the story revolves around the struggle to control the akashic records of "the world", the mmorpg inside the fiction. In soul realignmenttm we work within strict ethical guidelines of whose records we are permitted to read. One excellent benefit of self-discovery through the akashic records is having a glimpse into who you really are at a fundamental level. What happens when you have an akashic records reading.  the akashic records are a vast library in the unseen world, holding all the information about your soul’s journey throughout time since it’s inception. This ritual to access akashic records will take some months to complete, so you will need a sacred space where you can keep the tarot in the order that they were shuffled and dealt out. A person could also have access to universal records such as a planet’s record from a planet’s perspective:. Todeschi states, "the akashic records are the impulse. Have fun with your colorful journeys in the akashic records as you continue to expand into greater understandings and visions of past, present and future to benefit you at the deepest levels. For an akashic record reading you will need specific questions, as the format is questions & answers. The akashic records are different in the sense that they allow us to access the divine, which also includes your soul, or higher self. Healing through the akashic records book and companion audio-learning set, this leading expert shares how we can use our wounds—the limiting behaviors or ideas that we hold about ourselves-as a path to inner peace. In person, you can bring your own recording. There have been a few things distracting me and holding me back and your reading helped me to clearly see them and move past them. They are records of thoughts, events, and emotions that reside in the mind of the holy spirit, hyperspace, or christ consciousness. The reading was clear, accurate and filled with transformative guidance. The loving, healing energy of the akashic records is a profound tool for self-exploration and empowerment. D ownload complete guide of read akashic records for advanced/beginner ebook and pdf best price. Our group offers resources for learning how to read the akashic records through linda howe's. I teach students how to access and read the records in my akashic record reading program. How do i prepare my questions for my reading.  my interpretation of the reading revealed that in order to fix myself i need to put a face to my demons and learn how act and think. The vibration of that name then makes available to the practitioner the set of records containing the information that will be most relevant during the reading. Viable theories of akashic physics should keep the apparently lost information safely stored. I begin working on your behalf prior to us speaking by researching your soul history through the akashic records and clearing away negative energy from your past experiences through the use of spiritual healing and energy clearing techniques. Your being on a particular piece of land, for instance, automatically biases your looking into the akashic records to the records of that land, unless you specifically ask for something else. Although the records are not predictive in nature, there can be glimpses into future life possibilities. I started reading the records by following her process. Going into the akashic records is fascinating. This article is adapted from how to read the akashic records: accessing the archive of the soul and its journey,. Will extend/shorten the reading time length based on how these guidelines are followed as well as your support.

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A new vibrational key to align with divine energy and access the akashic record for another. With the help of my guardian angels and spirit guides, i travel into the astral planes and to enter the library where the person’s akashic records are housed. If you actually are thinking about if read akashic records is fraud or genuine, read detailed reviews below: many thanks for stopping on by. Linda has been a records teacher since 1996, and today she is the leading expert specializing in using the akasha for personal empowerment and transformation. Today, thousands of people have powerful relationships with the akashic records. Many people find themselves in a "stuck" situation where they are having difficulty progressing, and akashic records, as well as other healing tools, can help you to overcome the barriers that are holding you back. I can only refund the money if you let me know before i have started researching the akashic records on your behalf. The akashic records also include information about your past lives. What is more important is the fact that the akashic records hold the key to understanding the unique and divine nature of our souls. Aloha, my name is noelani rodriguez, i am an akashic records reader in portland, oregon for 7 years. I will be in touch via phone/email and i now break this reading into two parts.   learning to go deeper into your akashic records for powerful healing and transformation:  your inner child and your future self progression. How to read the akashic records. -a record of a planet as a part of a galaxy. As i see it, the hall of the akashic records is like the library of congress of the soul, and to have access to that hall is the most incredible thing because we can retrieve information that lies deep in our own souls history. Suggested preparation before a session  read more. Reading from your soul book. What some of us call the akashic records (or the collective consciousness or unified/akashic field) seems related to her suggestion to "use humankind's best knowledge to consciously contribute to the ongoing evolution" of our understanding of god. How to know an akashic records reader. Tips: to get the most from your reading, it is important to have a clear, objective (know what you want to achieve from the reading). The waiting list (for akashic records readings) will be indicated in the readings page, white panel below the paypal button. I feel so in awe and inspired following this reading with arati. How do we access the akashic records. A few months and a few readings later (i have a large family) i was able to begin classes with mary. Akashic records become more accessible to our whole essence, and ultimately, our records will be distilled into the akashic plane, contributing to the knowledge of all the planes and the tao. "i am at the 6th week and enjoying reading my soul book. There are also many that are beginning to open and interpret the akashic records for others and you can book a reading with them. I give akashic record readings over the phone between 5:00 p. Records is not a book of future predictions. Being able to access these akashic records is truly priceless. Join us in the next akashic records training. I felt that the reading was from a universal perspective and observing me from. The power of the akashic records. The akashic records, also known as the book of life, are a record of every soul and its journey and hold the truth and wisdom of who you really are. That information is ingrained in a part of the akashic record that is freely available to all who seek access. How to read the akashic records, you can learn to connect with this divine source for infinite joy, inner peace, and fulfillment. I loved that her approach to the reading was organized, yet interactive. We all have a personal akashic record, which literally ‘records’ all our thoughts, actions, emotions, issues and circumstances from this life, our past lives too . The akashic records are an energetic imprint of every thought, action, emotion, and experience that has ever occurred in time and space. Akashic record reading and clearing report. Your reading is very much about where you are in the exact moment of asking the questions. While holding the intention of finding the akashic records firmly in.

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The records are a metaphysical link to ancient wisdom and future insight; the hypnosis motivation institute states that ancestral knowledge is stored genetically within human dna. It was linda howe's book “how to read the akashic records”. Second, because you have infinite choice, you can change the future, which i believe is the beauty of a psychic reading - you can change or enhance the future to be what you choose it to be once you are empowered with the necessary knowledge and information. That i need from you to carry out a reading is:. Schedule an akashic records reading in my chicago far north office, or request an akashic reading by phone. ) i do not mind gifting love readings too, but i will be fair with my energy as well. Google places: “i was truly amazed at the in depth reading i receive. I just wanted to say that i had akashic record reading and i was pleasantly surprised with the reading and that michelle was very thorough taking the time to explain what the individual meanings meant with michelle allowing time for any questions i had. Food carries information and the more organic it is, raw and fresh the greater chances you have to access naturally the information from the akashic records. You can learn to read your own akashic records, tapping into your soul's knowing with a higher perspective that can help you on your journey. The energy that contains the information in the akashic records is called akasha, which is a sanskrit term meaning “primary substance.   but the akashic records are not only for extreme historical or cultural events. You'll find that they will help read dimensions of your life that you never even knew existed. In one reading for this same client, they refused to tell him anything. By looking at the akashic records you can why you continue to pick the wrong person in your life. Therefore, the apparently lost information – including the life events, memories, thoughts, and feelings of everyone who ever lived – are out there in the akashic multiverse, and future scientists could search for – and find – ways to retrieve it. The book of life or the akashic records is one of the ways that you can figure out your great existence. Cayce, himself a christian, when asked in an interview, stated that the akashic records and god's book of life were one and the same. If the answer is “yes” to any of the above scenarios, then you need to read on about what you are possibly missing out on. This type of comprehensive reading creates a holistic experience that can easily synthesize into all of your other spiritual work. Of the akashic, but summoning an attunement of vibration between the greater. The greater your comfort with entering the akash, the quicker & easier you can gain access when you desire. The word akashic comes from the ancient. The akashic records are everywhere, they're around you right now, and by attuning your consciousness to them you can tune into the knowledge, wisdom, healing and truth held within. Dating back to antiquity, references to the akashic record as the eternal book of life, universal mind, and the word of god can be found in folklore and mythology, as well as the old and new testaments. I think to a large extent, because of the reading, i feel calm and very positive about the future. When it comes to believers, you will find that there is really no documentation of how far back the practice goes or how many cultures have used akashic records. Why is an akashic records reading different. "i first want to admit that i only had a vague idea of the concept of the akashic records and how an akashic records session would be performed.   the akashic record is referred to in virtually every ancient spiritual teaching. The term akashic records is from hinduism and was incorporated into theosophy meaning a collection of mystical knowledge. An akashic records consultation consists of accessing and opening the book of  your soul using your full name and a prayer and the information that is received by the practitioner  based 100% on the clients questions. Akashic connection prayer to access your akashic records that enables you to receive transformational information, energy and unconditional love from this profound spiritual level.  you have asked me to look into your records regarding your finances, love and your relationship to pat. I try to schedule the actual reading within 7 business days after payment is received, so please make sure that you are not too busy to make time for the session around that time. From here, it is a short step to suggesting that modern people were merely “remembering” the forgotten technology of lost atlantis and thus “rediscovering” it through psychic connection to the akashic records, as new age writers now do. No, but our guest intuitive shelly holbrook-ebeling also offers akashic record readings (check out her sessions here. He does channeling sessions and intuitive readings via telephone, mail, and e-mail.

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What the akashic records are for and what you can learn from them. I was so impressed with the reading and results of it that i enrolled in an akashic record program about 2 weeks after my reading so that i can help others like victoria helped me. – i make time to prepare for a reading and focus my mind at least 15 minutes before i give the reading. Because the records contain information about your soul's journey, accessing them gives you a bigger picture and idea of why, what, and how something is happening. I think you’ll enjoy andrrea’s highly effective approach to accessing the ancient wisdom available to us through the akashic records. Reincarnation: past lives and the akashic records. The akashic records are described as containing all knowledge of human experience and the history of the cosmos. For those with an adventurous spirit, there will be an opportunity to discover what energies are infused with your soul by receiving a live reading that will be shared with the group. The akashic records contain our collective wisdom. We also offer workshops: akashic records workshops. Some indicate the akashic records are similar to a cosmic or collective consciousness. The reading will also give you details on how you can contact each guide, how they would like to be addressed, what their appearance is and which particular area of your life they are assisting you with. Vicky has been likened to edgar cayce (the sleeping prophet) as her readings excel everyone’s expectations. She was in tune and connected to  my guides and  on point when she gave me my reading. What you focus on grows, so your records encourage you to focus on the positive. Even better, if you ask, your records will also show you how to discover, enhance, and accelerate your natural strengths, areas of expertise, and soul talents. )aving an akashic record consultation can be extremely valuable. How to access the akashic records using the pathway prayer process. I don't have software to record a skype session but you're welcome to use your own or your phone to record it. This sort of inquiry into the records, if we are honest with ourselves, is motivated by a thirst for information just for the sake of information. This is a good book if one wants to understand the purpose of the akashic records in relation to the past, present and future and how it plays an "integral" role in our every waking - and sleeping - moments. The records are an amazing resource. " in discussing the process for accessing these records, edgar cayce described his experience as follows:i see myself as a tiny dot out of my physical body, which lies inert before me. I now primarily use the method linda howe teaches to access the records.   as a clear channel for the akashic field, she teaches her students to access their own akashic records in order to facilitate acceptance and forgiveness, as well as the release of negativity, blocks and resistance that keeps them stuck.   each soul also has a personal team of masters, teachers and loved ones who relay the information gathered by the lords of the records in the best possible way for that information to be received.   my personal philosophy is that readings can are a great tool, but they are not just about predicting futures. Your soul is waiting to talk with you directly from your akashic records. During the reading the recipient is also being “worked on” energetically to create openings and releases and blockages are often removed. Q: can i get a reading done for my child. Once accessible only to rare spiritual masters, now the records are available to anyone anytime, anywhere. Tapping into the akashic records always shows us our true authenticity. Her akashic records light certification course is comprehensive and easy to understand. The records are an invaluable tool for manifestation, insights, guidance and support and assistance ~ susanna taylor, albuquerque new mexico. That is a typical visit to the akashic records. The akashic records, however, are not a dry compilation of events. In this class you will learn a ceremony that enables you to enter your own records and the records of others.

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Using the akashic records in a post 2012 world. He read it, and he later wrote a lovely review for me. What is the difference between an akashic record reading and astrology. All the information from the reading are puzzle pieces that when collectively woven together give a picture of your soul story. There are times that the lords of the akashic records, angels, masters and gudes will simply tell me that you already know and i am told to remind you to follow your heart because "you know you know". An akashic record reading and soul path clearing will help you answer these questions and clear the blocks to clarity and mission. How to read my own akashic records. To other portions of the greater akashic, the information stored in their. For a quick example of how to read the akashic records try this exercise:. How your akashic records guides help you understand the information contained in your records. By opening the akashic records with a sacred prayer, we align ourselves to the vibration of the one receiving the consultation (either ourselves or another). You can now learn the secrets of how to reach the akashics directly to read the records of your soul in the akashic library. Active in the healing arts for more than 20 years, linda was moved and inspired by the power of the records within herself and her clients.   the akashic records are the dna of the universe. More modern references to the akashic records. Guides" help you to access your "akashic records" while also protecting. ” a challenge for a channeled entity is to interpret the records from the highest and most inclusive point of view. Thank you sooooooo much for your clarity, kindness and compassion in helping me this morning and for helping to allow so much healing to come through the records. The akashic records are a vast “data base” – envision a big library – that reveals the depth & breadth of the wisdom of your soul through time. I perform distance readings of the akashic records, knowing only the person's name. Why do you also offer a personal message from the akashic records. Having regular akashic readings will do just that. Book an online consultation with our akashic records reading expert jenny mannion. They have recorded in them what your future holds, and they also tell me what you can do to change any outcome your future. The responsibility (towards life and your own self), which come with the connection to the records. The akashic records is the repository of your history and experiences in the reality along with the immediate area around potentiality. The energy units representing each recorded event are stored in compressed energetic format natural to that level. This sacred prayer removes the two most common blocks for entry into the records—your ego and fear—as it shifts your consciousness to a divine level. Reading the akashic records is a type of spiritual discipline that cannot be mastered overnight. The records are a higher realm, a vibrational storage place of all of your thoughts, feelings, actions and choices spanning all of your many lifetimes.   i only open these records with your permission, and the information that comes forward through this interactive conversation is directly from your soul. The next day i did a reading. Edgar cayce, the late american mystic, was said to be able to successfully read the akashic records. Some people like one-stop-shopping and want to have the type of psychic reading where they ask questions about their life. Accessing the record of your soul and the wisdom it offers. The focus of an akashic records reading is different to other types of readings you may have experienced, such as a psychic or intuitive reading. The final step is the certified consultant section in which we’ll work to deepen our heart connections with our clients and the akashic lords. I do not do "cut & paste" akashic record readings that contain details of past lives that are in no way pertinent to your life today nor do i encourage cryptic spiritual teachings that have no relevance to your growth as a person now. Debra offers another two weeks for you to ask questions to gain clarity on any aspect of your reading. ​it's the complete record of every lifetime you have ever lived, including this one. The akashic records are the library of your soul where all answers are kept safe for eternity.

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  it is a record of the soul's journey since its inception as well as possiblilites of it's future enfoldment. The akashic records contain the collective knowledge of all past and future civilizations in existence. "i have to say i loved my reading from serena. It is believed by philosophists, trained psychics, mystics, and reiki practitioners that the events recorded upon that akasha can be ascertained or read in certain states of consciousness. An akashic record consultation with me will tell you about the unique divine nature and energetic qualities of your soul so you can create a human experience now filled with great abundance, harmony and satisfaction. ‘intuition, according to this model would then be a * creative answer *, a product of creative energy-transmutation and not the ‘grabbing’ of a solution that is floating out there in the akashic arcade. Not the most engaging or best written book i've read, but the information it shares is invaluable. Check out her first time phone reading special. An akashic records reader is a 2nd opinion to the advice of your own soul. Akashic records readings are not like  'psychic' or 'clairvoyant' readings. Like cayce, today many psychics are able to access the akashic records and offer readings online and via phone. One more note: you may want to take notes as i don’t remember details following the reading. You are here: home / akashic record readings. [4] the notion of an akashic. Not clear about what type of reading to get. Well, here’s great news for you: you don’t have to be psychic to access your own akashic records. Connect to the akashic records the universal energies and know how to seek advice for you and others, for relationships, wealth, health and career. An akashic records reading is.  i endeavor to get the readings back within the same week. You need a basic list of instructions to follow from the akashic records. Feel confident that you can trust your guidance when you are connected to the akashic records and release information that comes to you in ways that are not accurate or true. There are many benefits to an akashic reading. How to prepare for your akashic records reading. Akashic records nutrition and wellness readings with sallie keys. Healing through the akashic records offers practical wisdom and consciousness-shifting tools for developing a richer connection with our innermost self, a greater sense of aliveness, and increased joy for living. I know that since you were guided to read this, you can make a profound connection with your soul through your akashic records. To read more about scheduling an akashic reading with me, please visit the your akashic journey section of this blog. The information in the records is intended to bring your past, present and future into alignment. Not light years as the akashic records,. Cayce's sojourn to access the records. Indeed, the practice readings will form the basis for our mentoring. ™ reading, you may actually become more uncomfortable rather than feeling better in that area because you are even more aware of your own negative choices which are not for the highest good of your soul. I perform akashic records readings for people who are dealing with all sorts of issues. Why these values for your readings. I have n the akashic records are ”a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey”. As our souls, evolve over time, our records adjust to reflect our growth and are in continual state of refinement as we align with our perfection and manifest that perfection in our earthly lives. Day two: healing and manifesting in the records. When you seek information from the akashic records, the insight provided can help you to be who you need to be in this moment.   alternately, no one can access our personal akashic records without our express permission.   i offer suggestions given to me from the records on how you can use or implement that information into your life to help you in the now. Open your own akashic records using the pathway prayer process © developed by linda howe,.